handmade natural soap 6-lb variety pack

Item Description

We ship USPS as economically as possible and refund excess shipping charges over $0.99.

  • 100 sample bars of individually labeled soap, possibly more depending on individual  slice thickness.  You will always receive at least 6 pounds of soap. 
  •  At least  20 different scents
  •  Bar size is approximately 2-1/2"  x  1-3/8"  and between 3/8" & 1/2" thick.  Soap is hand-cut so there is some variation in size. 
  • Made with premium blends of olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, natural botanical and mineral colorants, and essential oils or phthalate-free  fragrances
  • Vegan friendly

Be aware that the ingredients for fragrance blends are proprietary, so manufacturers do not list all ingredients. Therefore, if you have an allergy, sensitivity, or otherwise negative reaction to possible ingredients in fragrances, you should not order this variety pack. 

Get the best bang for your buck by letting the soap dry out between showers and by storing the bars you're not using in a cool, dry location in something that can breathe -- NOT in your bathroom.
PACKAGING: Your 6 pounds of soap will be packaged in a Priority Mail Regional Rate A box.
SHIPPING: We ship our soaps USPS Priority Mail. Cost to ship the first item is $8.00. Each additional item adds $2.00 to the shipping cost. We refund excess shipping charges over $0.99, and we typically ship within two business days of order.
Our goal is to keep shipping costs as low as possible. Depending on the package destination, we may be able to save you money -- even on large orders! Just email us your order and we'll give you the exact shipping cost. If you give us the go-ahead, we'll send you a Paypal invoice for the total.
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